The Bike Exchange Program

What is The Bike Exchange?

The Bike Exchange is a not-for-profit bike shop that keeps bikes out of the garbage, encourages sustainable transportation, and supports the local community.

Our operation is 100% reliant on donations* of bicycles. We will accept donations of any bike in any condition as well as bike parts, and bike accessories! Donations can be made during normal shop hours.

Bike donations qualify as charitable tax deductions. If you bring your donated bike to the shop, one of our volunteers can provide you with a donation receipt.

*Donations raise funds to support the Boys & Girls Club of Plainfield ❤

We offer bike repairs on a limited basis, at the discretion of our volunteer mechanics. There are several other bike shops in the area that offer repair services as well, and we can direct you to them if needed.

We sell reasonably priced bicycles, parts, and accessories donated by community members and organizations. Necessary repairs are then completed by our volunteers. Once a bike is repaired, it is priced and placed on the sale rack. The prices of the bikes are dependent on the original value and current condition of the bike.

Note: All bikes are sold “as is.” They have been repaired by our volunteer staff, and are in good working condition. We recommend that customers spend ample time testing our bikes out in the parking lot to ensure proper fit and comfort. If you discover a pre-existing problem with your bike after you purchased it, you may return to the shop within 30 days of purchase to have the bike repaired or returned.

We regularly host fun and educational community events and offer many volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers welcome!

Volunteers form the backbone of our organization. There are no paid positions at the Bike Exchange; we are 100% volunteer-based. Volunteers assist with management, day-to-day operations and tasks around the shop.

Volunteer Tasks
We are frequently asked if experience with bicycle maintenance is necessary in order to volunteer at the Bike Exchange. This is absolutely not the case! We have tasks for anyone and everyone who is willing to lend their time to help with our cause. Working at the shop is also a great way to pick up some basic bicycle maintenance skills.
We also rely on volunteers with bicycle mechanic skills and experience to work through our stockpile of donated bikes and make them road-ready. Mechanics – your skills are much needed and appreciated!
The Bike Exchange needs volunteers for:
  • Fixing donated bicycles
  • Cleaning and polishing bicycles that are ready to be sold
  • Disassembling broken bikes to retrieve usable parts (this requires no previous experience, and is a great way to learn about how bikes work!)
  • Sorting and organizing bike parts
  • Helping customers in selecting a bike
We also value volunteers who perform outreach and partnership building, planning bike drives and events, and other tasks!