An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO


Summer is approaching, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Union County has some tips for having fun while staying safe in the great outdoors. What are your plans for the hot days ahead? Are you going to enjoy the water? Planning a vacation? Whatever you favor, we can provide safety precautions to take anywhere. 

With the pandemic behind us we can enjoy the long sunny days and return to our favorite summer activities. In the midst of all of this enthusiasm, it’s critical to remember the top summer safety issues. 

Staying out of direct sunlight can be a huge help for anybody, but if you do decide to throw a football around or go for a swim, an SPF sunscreen of at least 15 is ideal and would make it waterproof. Also staying in the shade and wearing protective clothing can prevent overexposure from the sun.   

When spending time outside, young children, in particular, forget the necessity of water and sports drinks. They are at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke if they do not stay properly hydrated. Having bottles of water on hand is beneficial for kids so they can grab one on their way out or in. Also drinking lots of water to prevent heat exhaustion. Water can be a lifeline in this situation, but it is also exceedingly harmful to little children.

In addition to the summer heat rising, you and your children may seek relief in the water. What goes better with fun and sun than water? Never let a child swim alone.  Make sure to direct all children to supervised areas to ensure their well-being. However, make sure children are swimming with proper swimwear and following pool and safety rules, whether in or out. 

Safety is a number one priority for parents when their children want to enjoy their recreational activities. Maintaining a watchful eye, reading for signs in the playground or other public areas, and ensuring that their safety is met with their drive to be playful.  

You and your children can both have a fun-filled summer season if you follow the necessary safety precautions. Teaching your children these good behaviors can help them stay safe not only over the summer, but throughout the entire year. They will be able to pass on these safety behaviors to others in the future.


Russell Triolo

Chief Executive Officer

An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO

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An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO

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