An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO


National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the purpose of this dedication is to recognize the importance of communities working together to help families thrive and prevent child maltreatment. By providing a safe afterschool place in which youth can thrive, Boys & Girls Clubs already serve as an important child abuse prevention resource to their community. We always strive to make our Clubs safe places even safer, as well as our commitment to play an important role in helping increase community awareness about child and family well-being during the month of April and beyond.

The safety of young people at Boys & Girls Clubs of Union County is always our top priority. Youth who are mentally and physically safe are better able to learn, grow, and thrive.  We work continuously to enhance safety policies, practices, and trainings to ensure they are centered on youth’s needs. There is nothing more important to us than keeping children safe and protected.

Boys & Girls Clubs do not tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind, including child sexual abuse or misconduct. From strict adherence to policies and guidelines within Club facilities and staffing structure, to equipping young people with the critical thinking and social-emotional skills to make healthy, safe choices, ensuring Club members are safe is the first step to their success.

An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO

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An Update from Russell Triolo, CEO

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